>[inept-13] featuring:

* [os]
* derehctub
* the mnh

side A

* a kit of 27 sounds, created and recorded by the mnh using computer controlled analogue devices. in an enclosed glass sphere approx 30 cm diameter utilizing various microphones both within the sphere and in the circular vicinity.
* These sounds [kit_01] were first uploaded to three artists who then made one audio track each.
* The three tracks are created only with these 27 sounds, treated, sequenced and manipulated at the artists discretion.
* the final track is a flat recording of the three "data tracks" used to make this record. each one separated with a second silence
* Before going to press the midi information from each track was fed into a "MSQ-700 digital keyboard recorder"
* this was then switched to 'tape mode', the midi sequence was recorded to vinyl.

side B

* the void
* the not so quick EP

>click here for the accompanying instructions for the record