< the technical and practical overview >>
the first part of side a is 27 sounds, created and recorded by the mnh using computer controlled analogue devices. in an enclosed glass sphere approx 30 cm diameter
utilizing various microphones both within the sphere and in the circular vicinity.
The different sounds are recognized by its respective channel [i.e left>rigth ].
These sounds [kit_01] where first uploaded to three artists who then made one audio track and one midi track each.
The three following tracks are created only with these 27 sounds, treated, sequenced and manipulated at the artists discretion.
Before going to press the midi track was fed into a "MSQ-700 digital keyboard recorder" then the MSQ-700 was switched to tape mode, the last track is a flat recording of the three "data tracks" each one separated with a second silence.[ the MSQ-700 tracks
[as a story is passed on it, changes, gets bigger]
www p2p network and now:
MSQ-700[1] first record the samples at the start of side A, either using a computer or a sampler [ prefably with a wave display as its easy to differ the sounds in each channel ]
this process is best done at you own discretion.
[2] then ones these are divided into the cuts you want and in a suitable environment to be sequenced by a midi signal your halfway there.
[3] to record the data track, get hold of a left right phono to jack to be able to send from turntable into tape in [if you are using a old sequencer ] or to record into you computer
[3.1] if you are using an old sequencer you need something to trigger the "sync in" signal to the device you are using to start recording the data signal,
if you are using a c64 tape recorder it should be fairly straight forward to hit record..
but if no start button only sync signal use a device with sync out and let go of the record and hit start on device at the same time.
[3.2] there is numerous tape to data emulators that will convert the wav. file to readable data for anny program supporting midi. let the hunt begin....

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